Miss Mary, Mack, Mack All dressed in black, black, black…

Can you finish this rhyme? Does that bring back memories of playing the clapping hands game with your friends?👏👐 You probably didn’t realize your were working on an important skill while playing this game. “Crossing the Midline” builds strength, stability and confidence for lifelong skills. Resource Download Document

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Eating the rainbow

When encouraging your children to eat healthy, try explaining what foods can do for us. For example, instead of saying that apples are good for you, try saying “red food can make our heart strong!” Instead of “salad is healthy”, try “green food can help us fight off sickness”. Eating

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Calming an emotional child

When a child (or any person) is having a big feeling, it is hard to think clear. In fact, research shows when a child is so overwhelmed with emotion, they are unable to use the part of their brain that helps with logical thinking. No matter what you say, if

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