Gratitude Challenge

November is a great time to reflect about all we have to be thankful for. Here is a 30 day challenge. Save it or print it out. Each day, take a moment with your child to talk about the thing in each box. You can do one for yourself as

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Fun Fall Activities

Are you a fall fanatic? The trees are looking so beautiful…Fall is here! Dancing Corn Virtual Dice for Popcorn Game Autumn Leaves are Falling Down Song Download Document

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Fire Safety

Last week was Fire Prevention Week. Here are some tips on how to talk with your child about fire safety and some other activities you can do while discussing fire safety! Scavenger Hunt & Checklist Sensory Bottle Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete Fire Safety Rap Fire Safety Songs Fire Safety

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Struggling with tantrums

Struggling with tantrums? Feel like having a melt down with your child? Take a deep breath and check this out… Grab a container–a box, a dollar store plastic bin, a bag, etc. Then fill it with things that will help your child regain control of their feelings and body. Have

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Scavenger Hunts

Use sidewalk chalk to write some things your child can find. Draw a circle for them to collect these things inside. You can also bring this idea inside using painters tape, baskets, boxes, etc. Turn it into a clean up game! Download Document

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Use Your Words

We have all said it, right? “Use your words!!” But maybe in that moment or at that age, the child does not have the words to use. Many times, aggression or a tantrum comes from lack of language. Here are some tips on how we can better help our children

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