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Scheduled Filtashield© For Deep Disinfecting

Quarterly FiltaShield© spray treatments disinfect and kill 99% of bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses in minutes. This eco-friendly anti-viral solution is an easy, effective way to keep your child’s spaces hospital-grade clean.

Professional Cleaning Keeps Germs Away

A professional cleaning crew takes care of your child’s classes and bathrooms, paying close attention to high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches, killing germs on the spot for an assured deep clean.

Precautions Keep Everyone Healthy And Safe

Precautions are in place to keep your child safe at all times. Safety measures are for both children and staff and allow your child to focus on their day as they play and learn with friends – giving you peace of mind.

No Visitors Limits The Risk Of Exposure

For the time being, no visitors come into the buildings, so your child’s spaces stay as germ-free as possible, also making it easier to track possible infection to inform the next steps.

All Meals Are Provided So You Know Your Child Is Happy And Healthy.

Temperature And Health Screenings Ensure Wellness

Every day, your child and the staff get their temperatures checked for signs of fever. Health screenings also ensure all who enter are symptom-free, keeping your child’s spaces free of possible infection.

Pick-Up Procedures And Hand Washing Are Safe

After drop off, your child washes their hands first thing, before entering any class, doing the same before you pick them up, killing germs and the possibility of contagion. Scheduled pick-up and drop off times limit exposure, keeping your child safe.

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