Give Virtual Learning The Human Touch

With Socialization, School Support,
And Outdoor Play

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Akron, OH

Caring Teachers Help Your Child With Homework

Caring teachers guide your child’s virtual learning with the help they need to use different platforms and turn in polished assignments on time. Children thrive when they have the one-on-one support they need to do their best.

Seeing Friendly Faces Brightens The Day

Getting around other children and friendly faces helps your child develop the social-emotional skills they’re forming daily, especially during these early years. It also helps them feel confident and nurture relationships that are crucial to overall wellbeing.

Outdoor Play For Happy, Healthy Fun

Your child loves a large playground with basketball half-court, climbers, swings, and more, where they can grow strong playing team sports and have fun running in a spirited game of tag. Outdoor play keeps your child healthy and happy.

Included Meals And Snack For Yummy Nutrition

Skip packing meals during your hectic week–breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepared by an on-site chef offer home-cooked meals your child loves. They get the delicious nutrition they need for healthy development and happy tummies.

All Meals Are Provided So You Know Your Child Is Happy And Healthy

Fun Activities That Engage Minds And Uplift Moods

Breaking away from the screen for fun activities challenges your child to strategize in games like Battleship and cards. They light up on the dance floor, getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and laugh out loud with friends.

Our 5 Star-Rating And Awards Prove Exceptional, Top-Quality Care:

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What Our Parents Are Saying...

I absolutely love this place after only three days of school for my kiddo! Everyone has been so nice to us and my child. I love the daily reports and the pictures ❤️ 12/10 recommend CORA

Rachel Marie

I am so grateful for Color Our Rainbow Academy. They create a wonderful learning and growing environment, and they do it with kindness, heart and laughter.

Clarissa Kornell

They love our son like he’s part of their own family. They’ve been incredible for his sense of humor, his speech, his social skills, and they’ve even helped us with potty training.

Kristen Svihlik